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Royal Son Bou Family Club Hotel

Royal Son Bou Family Club Hotel, Minorca

The Royal Son Bou Family Club is situated adjacent to the Sol Milanos Hotel in Son Bou, Menorca. The hotel is a favourite with German and Italian families visiting Minorca. Only since 2004 has this family Menorca hotel been promoted in the UK as part of a package summer holiday.

The Royal Son Bou Family Club still has comparatively few UK holidaymakers, with a higher percentage of guests from Italy and Germany. However, more UK holiday companies are now starting to offer this Menorca hotel in 2009 along with an improved selection of cheap Menorca holiday villas with pools.

You can read our unbiased review on the Royal Son Bou Family Club, Minorca below. Our review is based on the travel experiences of the authors who stayed in this family Menorca hotel during June 2004 with our 3 year old daughter (who thought it was fantastic!).

Accommodation and Facilities

The Royal Son Bou Family Club Hotel, Menorca has 252 apartments each having a small kitchen and living area with a sofa-bed, dining table, fridge and a small electric cooker. There is a good variety of utensils in the room including plates, cutlery, cups and glasses. However, there is no electric kettle, just one which is heated from the cooker hot plate, taking a long time to boil. You may want to pack a travel kettle if staying at this property.

Each room in this Minorca hotel has a separate bedroom with two single beds together. The bathrooms feature a full bath (shower over) together with full en-suite facilities including a bidet and hairdryer. These Menorcan apartments typically cater for two adults and two children. There are also 66 apartments with two bedrooms sleeping 3 adults plus two children.

The rooms are equipped with a safe (daily charge applies) and a direct dial telephone. A small non-remote control TV is located in the kitchen / dining area which, like other Menorca hotels, has a number of German and Italian TV channels, but only Eurosport and Sky News in English.

The Royal Son Bou's rooms are due a re-fit (we were told by the Manager) in 2005. The furniture is currently of functional quality only, so don't expect four star luxury fittings in this Menorca Hotel.


By far the worst thing about the Royal Son Bou Family Club was the night time noise disturbance. For us, it was all but impossible to get a good night's sleep at this Menorca hotel. We averaged about 4 to 5 hours sleep a night during our two week package Menorca holiday at this hotel in June 2004. The hotel has very poor sound insulation between apartments. Hard floors transferred lots of noise from the floor above. Even someone flicking a light switch next door was enough to wake us!

It was impossible to get to sleep much before midnight until the other hotel guests quietened down and we were usually woken up by 6:00am either by housekeeping making lots of noise or someone shouting, banging doors or shuffling furniture around us.

Useful tip: Make sure you book a top floor room if you intend staying at Royal Son Bou Family Club, Menorca and don't stay there if you're a light sleeper!

By the last night of our Menorca holiday we were so tired and fed up with being disturbed we checked into the Sol Gavilanes Hotel in Cala Galdana, Menorca at our own expense. This was our only option for a good night's sleep as the unhelpful Royal Son Bou Family Club General Manager adamantly refused to move us to an upper floor room for our last night, despite our personal requests and around 100 rooms being vacated that same day (with some upper floor rooms becoming available).

Please bear in mind that without the night time noise disturbance, which marred our two week Menorca holiday, the accommodation rating for The Royal Son Bou Family Club, Minorca would have been a much more impressive '8'.

Accommodation Overall
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Children's Activities & Entertainment

Royal Son Bou Family Hotel - Children's Entertainment

The kid's entertainment was excellent at the Royal Son Bou Family Club, Menorca. There is a kid's club called 'Kikoland' catering for a wide variety of children's ages including a baby club for 0 - 3 years and a mini-club for 4 - 6 and 7 - 9 year olds. There were imaginative and fun things to do for kids of all ages at Kikoland including a variety of climbing frames, a bouncy castle, ball games, face painting, a playground, swings and assorted mobile toys.

There was a fun-packed evening of entertainment for kids each night at this Menorca hotel. Unfortunately, the entertainment started at a ridiculously late 20:30pm each evening. There was a nightly performance of Royal Son Bou's "Menorcan Royal Fiesta" featuring the animated figures of Kiko, Coqui and Hooky (see picture above). The kid's seemed to love it, even if some adults found it a bit hard going, especially after multiple nights of seeing the same show. However, the hotel's staff made a terrific effort to make all the kids have a truly memorable time each night and to join in the fun.

However, the late start of the kid's entertainment at this Menorca family hotel was largely responsible for many kids getting over-tired and troublesome in the evenings. Many kids were up until 23:00pm and the hotel felt over-run by them at times. It was near impossible to get a peaceful drink at the bar even late at night! Don't go to this Menorca hotel if you want peace and quiet!

Children's Entertainment Overall
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Adult Entertainment

There was nightly free entertainment of varying quality with a Menorcan flavour. Highlights were "Lord of the Dance" (with local performers) and a Beatles look-alike band. Certain other acts were far less inspiring. Mixed with kids running around the hotel like scalded kittens it was really hard to seriously concentrate on the entertainment in any case!

Adult Entertainment Overall
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The rooms in this Menorca hotel were always kept spotlessly clean by efficient housekeeping staff. Even the balconies were cleaned daily. The hotel's main tiled floor areas were also admirably clean and free from litter. Cleanliness was one of the Royal Son Bou Family Club's strong points and we thought that the Island of Menorca in general was impressively clean with high standards of hygiene.

Hotel and Accommodation Cleanliness
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Food Quality and Variety

The food at Royal Son Bou Family Club, Menorca was one of the hotel's strongest points. Whilst the food was served in buffet style in two restaurants it was generally first class. The family (indoor restaurant) is non-smoking and of huge size. There's even a crèche outside where you can sign in your child for 30 minutes of peace whilst you're eating!

The other restaurant was adjacent to Kikoland and was partly covered semi-outdoor, allowing smoking. Royal Son Bou, Menorca's restaurant hours were very reasonable, but at quieter times it was impossible to sit away from the noise and masses as the family restaurant manager insisted on closing off a large part of the restaurant far before closing time.

In the family restaurant, our usual choice, it was rare to get any significant delays in being seated. There was a truly vast choice of food to suit all tastes with local Minorca dishes, Italian and English favourites. The food quality at this Menorca family hotel was generally excellent. There was a separate section for children's dishes and even the most picky eater could find something they liked.

For vegetarians there was good quality Italian-influenced pasta and pizza. There were good selections of local caught Menorca fish, cooked for you on a hot plate and a good assortment of veal, chicken and other meat dishes. Some of the meat was of slightly lower quality and we did get some very bony fish on occasions.

Food Quality and Variety
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Swimming Pools and Sundeck

One of the Royal Son Bou Family Club's best policies is the 'no reserving sun beds policy'. This means that you can't put towels down on sun beds unless you're actually using them. This made a tremendous difference to our Menorca holiday as it was always possible to get good pool seating any time of the day. The hotel literally has hundreds of sun beds around the pool. In fact, we thought it had one of the largest pool decks with the most pool seating we'd ever seen in any resort.

The hotel has two pools. One near Kikoland for children (shallow water) and a very large pool near the main apartment complex for adults with shallow ends. In early summer the main pool was very cold as it was unheated. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, given the number of babies and infants in the main pool, there was a occasional not-so-pleasant smell of urine from both the pool and any swimwear that had bathed in it! This marked down what would have been a '9' overall ranking for the pools at this Minorca family hotel. That said, the pool and pool decks always looked totally clean during our stay and free from leaf and other debris.

Swimming Pools and Sun Deck
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Hotel Location & Son Bou, Menorca Resort Quality

The Royal Son Bou Family Club is well located for Son Bou beach, Minorca with a public beach access right across the street. The hotel is located right in the heart of the small town of Son Bou, Menorca.

The total distance from the beach is in the region of 200m. Just across the road there were a variety of basic restaurants and bars. Fine dining doesn't seem to be Minorca's real speciality and Son Bou is no exception, but there was still a reasonable choice of eating venues. For more up market dining on Menorca, try Mahon's harbour area (the Island's capital) or Fornells. There are good fish restaurants in both Menorcan towns.

There was a disco in the main shopping and restaurant area of Son Bou although the resort had a generally quiet feel about it and we were never disturbed by late night revellers. Son Bou and Menorca in general, is definitely not the place to visit for buzzing Mediterranean nightlife or if you're single, young, and looking for great nightclubs.

Hotel Location and Resort Quality
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Hotel Facilities

The Royal Son Bou Hotel, Menorca has arcade games and a snooker table in a separate room adjoining the good sized bar area. The bar itself was reasonable value and the service was generally good. A local beer cost around €1.90. This seemed similar to other bars and restaurants in Minorca we visited.

Internet Facilities

There was a slow computer adjacent to the front desk with an internet connection available for guest use for €1.50 for fifteen minutes or €3 for thirty minutes. Other hotels in Menorca seemed to offer a similar service at roughly the same prices. Many brochures on the Royal Son Bou Hotel failed to mention this useful, reasonably priced, facility.

Room Service

The Royal Son Bou Hotel, Menorca didn't have room service, but there were a good selection of take away food vendors locally and of course the hotel's fine restaurants available during normal hours.

Hotel Facilities
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Staff Helpfulness and Attitude

We thought that most of the staff at the Royal Son Bou Family Club, Menorca were generally good, but some were very unhelpful and inflexible (including, unfortunately, the General Manager).

Of particular concern was the refusal of the General Manager to move us to an available top floor room for our last night to get some peace and quiet after suffering two weeks of night-time bedlam. This refusal came despite there being no reasonable excuse why our request could not be accommodated as top floor rooms were available. In the end, we checked out and stayed in Cala Galdana, Menorca for our last night. Given our exhausted physical and mental state after many nights with minimal sleep, we were both very annoyed and disgusted by the General Manager's inflexible attitude.

Most of the other staff at this Minorca hotel were very friendly and helpful. The same was true of Menorca's people in general, most of whom were very friendly and welcoming.

If you do intend on visiting the Royal Son Bou Family Club, Menorca please make sure you "conform" and stay within the hotel's rigidly enforced policies and you'll be just fine. Don't ask for anything out of the ordinary or expect any special service from the Manager, as none will be forthcoming.

Staff Helpfulness and Attitude
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